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How to create leads automatically from Gravity Forms

Last Updated: Jan 10, 2014 03:39PM PST
Gravity Forms is a very popular form plugin for Wordpress blogs. It is possible to send information your potential customers are entering in your form directly to Pipedrive to create deals and other items automatically and reduce manual input. You can use the notification e-mail feature from Gravity Forms to send the data via e-mail to a special address. Pipedrive will capture this data to create a deal for you.

There's two steps to take in order to achieve this. First in Pipedrive you need to navigate to Settings, Features and enable the E-mail API feature. Once this feature is enabled you can navigate to the details page where you will find the special e-mail address where to send the data to along with formatting examples as the e-mail needs to be specifically formatted in order for Pipedrive to understand it and create the items correctly. 

In Gravity Forms you need to make sure the e-mail is sent out in plain text mode. By default it's sent out in HTML and Pipedrive can't parse it. Luckily it's not too hard to change the mode to plain text. You will need to apply a filter to the sent e-mail. It's done like this:

You can learn more about it here http://gravityhelp.com/documentation/page/Gform_notification_format
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