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Account Management (BETA)

Steven Reinartz, November 2, 2023
Note: The account management feature is currently discontinued.

Pipedrive allows you to monitor and manage your deals, contacts and other data. But once you close that first deal with your client, there’s more to do than win the next deal.

With Accounts, you will have access to data in a way that's accurate to real-world business, combining any organization's won deals, activities and other information all in one place.

What is an account?

Accounts are organizations with at least one won deal. Once a deal linked to an organization is marked as WON, an account is created.

Any changes made to the account will be reflected in the linked organization and vice-versa.

Where can I find Accounts?

Accounts can be found under the Contacts tab in your navigation bar.

You can view your accounts using either the list view:

Or the kanban view, with accounts shown as cards and columns representing scheduled activities.

These range from accounts with no activities scheduled, to accounts with activities scheduled a week or more in advance.

Note: The Accounts feature doesn't have permission sets in user management. This means any user on the account can access it.

What does an account contain?

When you click on one of your accounts, you will see a contextual view with all account-related data.

Much like a contact's detail view, you will have access to notes, files, deals and people linked to the account.

Moreover, you will have access to the aggregated value of an account's won deals and any other account-specific field data.

How can I use Accounts?

The Accounts feature was designed to help companies address post-sale customer needs. This includes:

  • Scheduling and following up on post-sales activities (e.g., a customer satisfaction call to a customer.)
  • Measuring the aggregated value of deals linked to a single organization without creating an Insights report
  • Providing an overview of organizations that have and haven't been contacted
  • Ensuring clients are cared for, which is key to building long-term relationships with reoccurring businesses.
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