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Automatically extracting contact details from email signatures

Jenny Takahara, February 19, 2021

When creating a contact person from a received email, Pipedrive's auto-extract contact data feature will automatically pull in information detected from the email signature of the contact person in your email thread. 

The feature will be able to detect:

  • Contact person's name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Instant messager information

To get started, open up an email thread in your Pipedrive account, find the correct email address, and click on the Create new contact button found on the right side of the screen.


The Add new person window will then show you the information that has been pulled from the email signature. You can save the contact directly, or edit if necessary. 


The information from the email signature will also be auto-extracted if you want to create and link a new deal to your contact person, directly from the email page. 
You can click on Create new deal in the 'Link to a Deal' window to do so.  



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