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Caller for leads

Steven Reinartz, February 27, 2023
Note: As of October 6, 2022, Caller is no longer available for new customers. Please note that Professional/Enterprise users who signed up or upgraded before that date can still use it.

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When using Pipedrive to make calls, it can be a pain to navigate from your leads to your contacts. Now, you can make calls directly from your leads view for the optimal Caller experience.

How to access Caller in leads

The Caller tool is available from the Leads Inbox and functions similarly to a contact or deal.

There are two ways you can access a phone number and make a call through a lead:

  • Linked person's number
  • Phone type lead/deal custom field

In both examples, all you need to do is have a phone number value in a lead's detail view. You can use that number to make calls through your Pipedrive account:

Note: Currently, you can't access the Caller tool through the lead list view. Instead, you will need to enter the lead's contextual detail view in order to make calls.
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