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How can I configure the Caller feature?

Jenny Takahara, January 5, 2024
Note: Starting October 6, 2022, the Caller feature is no longer available for new customers. For customers on the Professional, Power or Enterprise billing plan (who signed up or upgraded before October 6, 2022) the Caller feature is being removed in phases leading up to December 31, 2023. After this date, Caller will no longer be available.

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Getting your Pipedrive company set up with the Caller feature is quick and easy. To begin, navigate to Tools and apps > Caller.

caller settings
Note: Caller is not supported on Safari. For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox as your default browser when using Pipedrive.


Note: Company Caller settings can only be configured by admin users.

Company settings allow you to manage your Caller credit and govern company-wide caller settings.

Calling credit

The Caller credit section allows you to monitor how much Caller credit your company currently holds and allows you to purchase more credit before you run out.

Note: Professional and Enterprise plan subscribers receive $4.00 in bonus credit per user, per month as part of their subscription. Unused bonus credit expires monthly.

Bonus balance refers to any credit received with your plan and Purchased balance refers to any additional purchased credits.

caller credits

Caller rates are determined by the call duration and local calling rates. Additional credit may be purchased in $5.00, $10.00, or $15.00 increments. Additionally, purchased credit does not expire and is retained until used.

Note: To test out Caller while on trial, you will have to be on the Professional or Enterprise plan trial and have entered your billing details. The limitations for trialists include being able to buy up to $5 of credit per payment and having a duration limit of 10 min per call.

Calling outcomes

Labeling the outcome of your calls is a great way to get actionable data about your sales process. You can select a call outcome at the conclusion of your call, and these outcomes will be saved as a logged activity in your Pipedrive account.

You can use this section to create, rename or delete custom outcomes. You can also enable or disable any call outcome for your company’s use.

  • To disable the use of a particular outcome, slide the toggle to the left of the outcome from green to grey. If disabled, a call outcome will be retained on existing calls but won’t appear as an option on new calls.
  • To add an outcome, click “ADD CALL OUTCOME” at the bottom of this section.
  • To rename a custom outcome, hover over the outcome, click the pencil icon, write the new name into the text box, and hit “Save”.
  • To delete a custom outcome, hover over the outcome and click “Delete”.

Call recording

Recording outgoing sales calls is a good way to ensure that you do not lose any important details and help maintain call consistency and quality from your team.


These options allow you to:

  • Enable or disable call recording
  • Enforce call recording for all users
  • Give users the option to download call recordings

Any recorded calls can be played or downloaded from the detail view of the relevant deal or contact. There are no storage limits or expiration dates for stored recordings.


Note: User Caller settings can only be configured by admin users.

In the users section, admin users can invite regular users to connect their phone numbers to Caller. You can also see which users are already connected and restrict access if needed.

Admin users will always have Caller enabled by default. Regular users will have an Add button next to their name until you invite them to use Caller. Once invited, a user will appear as either “Not connected” or “Connected”.

  • To invite a regular user to connect their number, click “Add” to send your user an email prompting them to connect their number.
  • To view which numbers a user has connected, hover over their name and click the gear icon.
  • To revoke Caller access to a specific user, hover over the user’s name, click on the trash can icon > Remove.


Regular users and admin users can use this section to adjust their personal calling method and connect or disconnect their phone number to Caller.

Default calling method

You can adjust the callto method Pipedrive uses when one clicks on a phone number in the web app. For companies using Caller, this defaults to default “callto” handler method. The syntax associated with Pipedrive Caller method is callto:[number]. You can learn more about call syntax in this article.

Connected numbers

Connecting your mobile or landline number under the connected numbers section allows you to use the Caller and is the number that the person you are calling will see on their caller ID. Any calls you make from a connected number will still come from Pipedrive, however, so you don’t need to worry about incurring any costs from your phone provider.

To connect your number, click Connect your number to Caller”, select your country, enter your phone number and click “Receive a validation call”.

The number you entered will then receive a validation call. Once you answer, your Pipedrive web app will display a validation code for you to enter via the dial pad on your phone.

Once you have entered the code onto your phone's dial pad successfully, your Pipedrive web app will display a success message indicating that you're ready to call from Pipedrive.

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