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What if I used a non-iCloud email when setting up my Apple ID?

Syncing iCloud contacts with Pipedrive

Jenny Takahara, June 13, 2022

With Pipedrive's contact sync feature, you can sync your iCloud contacts seamlessly with your Pipedrive contacts. To set up your contact sync, go to Personal preferences > Contact sync, click on "Add new account" and enter your iCloud credentials.


Note: Due to iCloud limitations, you can only set up a one-way sync between your iCloud contacts and Pipedrive. This means that any new contacts and updates made in iCloud will appear in your Pipedrive contacts list, but updates or new contacts created in Pipedrive will not appear in your iCloud contacts list.

What if I used a non-iCloud email when setting up my Apple ID?

If you created your Apple ID with a non-iCloud email address, entering this email address when setting up your contact sync connection may create a sync between this provider and Pipedrive rather than with iCloud. For example, if I used my Gmail address to create my Apple ID and used this email address when setting up the Contact sync between my iCloud contacts and Pipedrive, my Google contacts may be synced over to Pipedrive rather than my iCloud contacts.

If this is the case, you will need to retrieve your iCloud email address, which ends in the domain To find this email address, you can go to your device's Settings > Your name > Name, Phone numbers, Email and find the email address with the iCloud domain under 'Reachable at'.


If you have not created an iCloud email address, you can follow the directions in this article to create one.

Note: If you use the 2FA feature when logging into Pipedrive, you will have to set up an app specific password for your Apple ID.
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