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User types in Pipedrive: Sharing your pipeline with Viewer (BETA)

Jenny Takahara, June 11, 2021
Note: Viewer is one of the many useful features of Pipedrive’s Professional and Enterprise plans. This feature is currently still in beta and will be available to more users at a later date.

Pipedrive's Viewer feature allows you to share a read-only version of your pipeline with anyone outside of your company account.

Sharing your pipeline

Note: By default, only admin users can share pipelines. For regular users to share pipelines they must have permission.

To begin sharing your pipeline, click the sharing option in the top right-hand corner of the page in the pipeline view and click + Add new share.


Once you click to add a new share, you can customize what your viewers will be able to see.

At the top, you can choose what Pipeline and which user's deals you would like to share. Under PIPELINE, STAGE, and DEAL you can select the specific details you want to make accessible. Please be aware that Pipeline title, Stage title, and your deal Title are mandatory and will always be shared.

When you are happy with the details you will share, click Continue.


Next, add a Title to your share. This enables you to quickly identify who this particular pipeline has been shared with. This is also when you can add your list of people to share the pipeline with. Add their email addresses to the box under Share with and press enter. When you have added your recipient's addresses click Share.


Note: If you are sharing your pipeline with people outside of Pipedrive they will need to follow the link sent to their email address to access the shared content. For added security, they will need to sign up for an account.

You will then see a review of the contacts you have shared the Pipeline with.


Adding an existing user as a viewer

Existing users can not have viewer access. If you wish to change a regular user to a viewer, you will first need to deactivate them from your account. Once deactivated, you can then go to your pipeline, and add them as a viewer by following the instructions above.

After sharing your pipeline

To manage your shares and edit what viewers have access to see, click the share button in your Pipeline view, and click on the pencil icon on the share you wish to edit or select Manage all shares.


By clicking the pencil icon you will be brought to the share details. Here you can edit what information viewers can see, as well as add new viewers for that content. Once you have made any necessary changes, click Share again. The shared information will automatically be updated on the viewer's side.


If you no longer want any viewers to access your pipeline, you also have the option to revoke access for all viewers from a share. Click Manage all shares and then click the toggle to revoke viewer access.


You can also view which users you have shared by going to Company settings > Manage Users. Here you can see who has access to view shared content in your account.


Viewing shared content

Once you have shared a pipeline with another person, they will receive an email with a link to access the shared content.


Once they open the link and log in, they will have access to view only the Pipeline and details that you have given access to.


Clicking on a deal will prompt them to request a regular user seat from the account that has shared the pipeline.

They can also make use of other Pipedrive resources by clicking on the more (...) button.



Note: Pipedrive's security features are only available on our Professional and Enterprise plans.

Pipedrive's Security Features give you more visibility into what data your users can access. They can also be used for you to see what your Viewers have access to see, as well as who shared the pipeline with them.

Security alerts

Using Pipedrive Security Alerts, you can choose to set up alerts each time a pipeline is shared by any of your users. To set this up, go to Security Center > Alerts.


Security Dashboard

In your Security Dashboard, you will also be able to check which of your users have been sharing your pipeline, and when it was shared.

To access this, go to Security Center > Dashboard > Audit log.



Only admin users have the ability to share pipelines by default. Regular users can only share pipelines with permission given by the admin user.

If you would like to enable the permission for regular users to share pipelines, go to Permission sets.


By clicking Choose shareable details you can restrict regular users from sharing certain information.

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