Vista Equity Partners - New Pipedrive Investment FAQ

Breandan Flood, February 19, 2021

November 12, 2020— We are happy to announce that Vista Equity Partners has made a majority investment in Pipedrive to accelerate the growth of Pipedrive’s CRM platform for sales and marketing teams. Vista has the financial resources, expertise, global footprint, and investments in/experience with industry leaders necessary to help Pipedrive accelerate growth.

Below we have answered some questions that you might have.

How will the investment/acquisition impact Pipedrive’s employees?

We expect Pipedrive’s current team to remain in place, but through this partnership, the team expansion will be accelerated to facilitate enhanced product research and development, and to significantly expand sales and marketing efforts.

Will Pipedrive continue to operate as a standalone entity?

Pipedrive will continue to operate independently of Vista, and provide the best-in-case sales and marketing around the globe.

With offices solely in the United States, does Vista have the expertise necessary to help drive Pipedrive’s growth international level? Or does this represent even more focus on the US market?

Vista has investments around the world, including Europe. They believe that Europe represents a big growth opportunity for Pipedrive.

What’s the benefit for us as Customers?

Becoming part of the Vista family enables Pipedrive to successfully deliver faster on the bold vision that we set earlier this year – to provide our users with powerful tools that cover the whole customer journey. We are working on developing a holistic set of products for various customer facing teams – from helping marketers find leads, supporting sales teams to close deals, to serving customers success professionals to upsell, and nurture relationships.

Will this change the way Pipedrive supports Customers?

No, Pipedrive will still offer the same high quality customer service as we’ve offered so far. 

Will your prices change?

We have no plans to change the product pricing.

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