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How can I edit the behavior of my LeadBooster chatbot?

Note: This action is only available to Admin Users.

Once you have created a playbook for the LeadBooster bot from a defined template, you may wish to customize its behavior to better match the specific needs of your company. 

To edit the behavior of any of your LeadBooster chatbot playbooks, go to Settings > Tools > LeadBooster, and select any of your existing playbooks. Once selected, go to the Playbook editor header to begin your customization.


The LeadBooster chatbot playbook is built around programming "cards" — messages with questions and answers — that appear to the visitors of your website, and providing certain answers that your visitors can choose. In choosing those answers, your website visitors will qualifying themselves as being interested in your business or not. 
To qualify themselves, your customers should provide you with relevant information — their name, email address, company name, phone number, etc. — that would allow you to reach out to them and begin the necessary conversations to begin and close a deal.

The first message you program in your playbook can be designated as a proactive message.
proactive message is an automatic chat prompt seen by customers when they visit the website, and can be programmed to appear after a set amount of time based on when you think a customer may be interested in hearing from you.
If your first message is not set as being a proactive message, your website visitors will need to click on the chatbot icon in order to begin interacting with your chatbot playbook.

When you program a message card, you select which responses your visitors can choose from. You can build long chains of questions and possible responses so that a visitor can qualify themselves as an interested customer for your business.
How you structure those questions and responses is up to you, as you know the needs of your business better than anyone else. 


When you reach a point where a visitor has qualified themself, you can program more specific details about what to do with the information they have provided during the course of their chatbot playbook conversation.

  • Owner
    You can program which Pipedrive user will be made the owner of the deal, contact, organization, or activity that is created when a visitor qualifies themself as an interested lead. You may also set which visibility group is able to view any information created from this chatbot playbook. 
  • Actions
    You can program whether to create a new Pipedrive deal for this lead. You may also provide the now-qualified visitor with access to the above Owner's scheduler link, to schedule a phone call and talk about their interest in your company.
  • Collected Information
    You can review all of the information that will be collected from the questions-and-responses set in this playbook. This information will be associated with any deal or activity created by the visitor when they have qualified themselves.
  • Closing message
    What would you like to say to your now-qualified visitor? Use this text box as a way to keep them excited and set their expectations now that they are interested in your company.

When you are satisfied with the programmed playbook behavior for your LeadBooster chatbot, click the Save button to finalize your changes.


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