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Activity Invites

Breandan Flood, December 5, 2023
Note: Activity invites are branded with the Pipedrive logo for companies with an Essential plan. The Pipedrive logo is removed for companies with an Advanced plan or higher. Learn more about all of Pipedrive's plans in this article.

Activity invites allow you to automatically keep your contacts updated on upcoming meetings and activities you have with them.

Sending out activity invites

Note: Activity invites are only sent out if the activity has a due date.

To send an activity invite, all you need to do is set up an activity and add the people you want to invite to the ”Guests” field in the ”Schedule an activity” window.

You can add your existing Pipedrive people contacts or directly add email addresses to this field.

A Pipedrive contact person must have an email address listed under them in order for the activity invitation to be successfully sent. If there's no email address under that person, you will see an error message in the Guests field.

Enter an email address under that person’s contact or enter the email address directly into the Guests field, then click ”Save and send invites“ to send out your activity invitations.

The invitation

Each guest will receive an invitation to the event as an email once the activity invite has been sent out.

if you have an active calendar sync, the invite will look like it was directly sent out from your calendar provider:

If you have an inactive calendar sync, the invite will be sent from Pipedrive:

Any responses to activity invites will go to the email address of the assigned owner of the activity. If the owner also has their emails synced with Pipedrive through our Advanced or Professional plans, these replies will appear in their Pipedrive inbox.

Updating the activity

When you update an activity's title, date, time, location, public description, or guests after an activity has already been created, you will see the option to Save and send updates at the bottom of the activity prompt.

The guests will then receive an updated invitation by email.

What happens when I add or remove guests from the activity?

If you add new guests to an activity, any new guests will now receive an activity invite. Any guests who have already been invited will not get another invitation.

If you remove a guest from the activity or cancel the activity, the guest will receive a cancellation email. The activity will also be removed from your synced calendar if you have the calendar sync feature enabled.

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