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Breandan Flood, November 25, 2022

Staying organized and keeping track of your activities is key to keeping your sales moving and making sure you get those all-important wins.
To help you manage this, Pipedrive has the calendar view!

From the calendar, you'll be able to see a day-by-day plan of your activities, add new activities, change or remove activities and view colleagues' calendars that you have visibility of using filters.
To access the calendar view, click on "Activities", then click on the "Calendar" button to the left of "Add activity".


From here, you can add an activity using the "Add activity" button, or by clicking on the time and date where you'd like to add the activity and filling in the quick add form. However, the quick add form will just schedule a basic activity but will not link it to a deal.

To link an activity to a deal, the "Add activity" button at the top should be used, or the "Details..." button in the quick add form.

In order to edit an existing activity, simply click the time block in the calendar and make any necessary changes. If you'd like to change the time or make the activity longer or shorter, you can click-and-drag the activity around the calendar, or click-and-drag the bottom of the activity either up or down to change the duration.


In the top right corner, you can also see and edit which calendar week you are viewing.
The left and right arrows will adjust the calendar accordingly, or you may click the dropdown menu to choose a date, and the calendar view will show the associated week containing that date.
Clicking the "Today" button will bring you back to the current week.


Lastly, it is also possible to view other users' calendars, providing you have visibility of their activities.
In the top right corner, you'll notice the filter drop-down button. Click that filter button and select a different user to view any of that user's activities that you have permission to view.

Note: In the calendar view, you may only view one user's calendar at a time.
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