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Steven Reinartz, November 2, 2023

Chatbot, in addition to many customization options, also offers some helpful settings.

You can find them by going to Leads > Chatbot > Settings.

Tracking and saving the chat conversion URL

To optimize your website's Chatbot, it's important to know which pages on your site the Chatbot conversations are coming from.

You can do so by toggling the track and save feature on:

When you toggle this setting on, a custom field will be created where you can save the URL of the webpage where Chatbot conversation took place.

If you navigate to Settings > Data fields, you will see a field under the Lead/Deal section, with the name Chat conversion URL.

Note: By clicking the "..." to the right of the new field, you can select the edit option to change the field name and visibility.

Collecting data from unfinished chats

Having a Chatbot on your web page is an excellent way to collect leads, but sometimes your chats end unexpectedly, and you can miss out on valuable leads.

This is why Pipedrive's Chatbot tool allows you to create leads out of your unfinished Chatbot conversations.

Note: Unfinished is defined as a chat which did not reach a live agent, and has been unresponsive for 8 hours.

Where to find it

To activate the setting, go to Leads > Chatbot > Settings. There you will find the toggle to turn it on:

Editing save conditions

By clicking the edit option below the capture toggle, you can make changes to how the data from your unfinished Chatbot conversation is entered into Pipedrive:

Here's what you can edit:

  • Save location – data can be saved as a lead or a deal
  • Lead title prefix – to distinguish which leads or deals were created from unfinished conversations
  • Owner and visibility – to assign new leads or deals to a specific user, as well as assign visibility access to other users

At the bottom, you can also check the Send email notifications box to send an email to the owner when a new lead or deal is added.

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