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Convert phone numbers to US format

Yssel Salas, November 2, 2023

We know how important is to keep your data consistent. Using the wrong phone number format can slow down your team when trying to call prospects and customers, plus, inconsistent phone numbers can create duplicate records, cause data issues between platforms and make your phone number data difficult to use and read.

The standard American telephone number format has ten digits, where the first three digits are the “area code“ and are between ( ), while the other seven numbers are separated by -. I.e., (555) 555-1234.

To convert phone numbers to US format in Pipedrive your date and time format must be set to English (United States). Learn how to change the date and time format in this article.

Then, check the ”Convert phone numbers to US phone number format” option and save the changes.

Once this option is enabled, the phone numbers entered will be converted to US format automatically.

Note: Existing phone numbers are not converted to US format retroactively after the setting is enabled. Only plain number formats and number formats with + can be converted to US format, hyphens are not supported for conversion.
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