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How are first and last names separated in email template merge fields?

Jenny Takahara, November 2, 2023

When setting up the people contact name merge field in your email templates, you will have the option to pull in the last name field, first name field, and full name field.


If you have more than just a first and last name for your people contacts, the merge fields system will split up the name field as follows:


The last word in the name will always be put into the last name field, and every word prior to the last word will be put into the first name field.
If there's only one word in the person contact's name, it will be pulled into the first name field as well as into any full name fields.

Contact name:
Jenny Smith

First name: Jenny

Last name: Smith

Full name: Jenny Smith

Contact name:
Jenny Julie Smith

First name: Jenny Julie

Last name: Smith

Full name: Jenny Julie Smith

Contact name:

First name: Jenny

Last name: (empty)

Full name: Jenny

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