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How can I add related people or organizations to a deal?

Breandan Flood, June 16, 2022
Note: This action is only available to admin users.

You may find that you wish to associate a deal with more than one person or organization contact in your Pipedrive account.
In these situations where a deal has more than one related person or organization, we suggest creating a custom field of the person or organization type – depending on your need – to allow for that data reference.

To do this:

  • Go to Settings > Custom fields in your Pipedrive account
  • Click "Add a field" and select the field type you wish to add to the account.
    In this situation, we recommend choosing an organization or person field type, depending on your needs. For this example, we will choose an organization-type field.

  • Provide a name for this field and press "Save" to finish creating the field. For this example, we have named the field "Related organization".
  • Go to the detail view of one of the deals within your Pipedrive account.
  • Go to the DETAILS section of the detail view of the deal and find that newly-created custom field.
  • Type out the name of the second organization you would like to associate with this deal. In this example, we are associating this deal with "Second organization".

  • Once set, this organization will now be associated with this deal.
  • To find this association, go to the detail view of the "Second organization" contact. You will find the related deal under the DEALS section.


Now you will be able to effectively track the deals that are related – but not directly associated – to that organization.

This same function can be configured to associate information to many items in Pipedrive – from related people to a deal, or related users to a contact, to related organizations to a product.

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