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How can I change or reset my password?

Breandan Flood, October 5, 2021
Note: If the Admin User has enabled enforced SSO in the company Pipedrive account, users in that account will not be able to adjust or reset their login credentials. If that occurs, Pipedrive suggests reaching out to the Admin User of your account for further information.

To change your Pipedrive password

  • Go to Settings > Password and login > Change Password.
  • In the 'Current password' field, provide the current log in password for your Pipedrive user account.
  • In the 'New password' and 'Confirm password' fields, provide your desired password credentials.
  • Click the Change password button to save your new password.

To reset your Pipedrive password

If you are attempting to log in and do not recall your login password, simply click the 'Forgot?' option listed in the password box. If you are currently logged into Pipedrive but still do not recall your current password credentials, you will need to first log out of your account.

From there, simply enter your email address, and click Get a new password. You will receive a password reset email at the provided email address.

If you do not receive a password reset email within a few minutes, you may have put in an email address that is not associated with a Pipedrive user account. We suggest trying again, with your known login email address.

Note: To help maintain the overall security of your Pipedrive user account, we suggest being vigilant and checking your active device login sessions, as well as your device login history for your account.
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