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How can I choose which emails I want to sync?

Jenny Takahara, July 30, 2021

Note: The Email Sync feature is available in the Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans. To switch plans, click here.

Setting up your initial sync

When you set up your initial email sync, you will be prompted to choose which emails you want to sync over from your email provider.

If you find that you receive a large volume of emails that are not related to your Pipedrive activity, we suggest only syncing specific labels into your Pipedrive account to keep your Pipedrive inbox clean. If you receive primarily Pipedrive-related sales emails, it may be better to sync all emails, so that you can work effectively without having to switch between tabs in your browser.


This is the setting for all future emails synced over to your Pipedrive inbox.

  • All emails will be synced with Pipedrive
    Every email in the account — both incoming and sent — will be synced to Pipedrive.
  • Only emails with certain labels will be synced with Pipedrive
    When chosen, this will let you choose from the labels in your, and choose which to sync to your Pipedrive account.

This will be the setting for when to start syncing emails over to your Pipedrive inbox.

  • If Now is chosen, no historical emails will be synced, but any emails going forward will be synced.
  • If 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months is chosen as the starting point your past sync, you will be given the option to sync over emails from either 'All People', or from 'Pipedrive Contacts only'.

This option will only show up if you selected '1 month', '3 months', or '6 months' as the starting point under the 'Sync Starting from' option.

  • Pipedrive contacts only
    This option will sync over all emails that have an email address associated with a Pipedrive contact that already exists in your Pipedrive account. Syncing over emails from 'Pipedrive contacts only' is only an option for setting up the initial past sync. For emails going forward and any re-syncs, you will only be able to sync all emails or emails under certain labels.
  • All people
    This option will sync over all emails from all of your contacts, regardless if they already have a linked Pipedrive contact.

Click the Start syncing button to begin the syncing process!

Note: Emails will begin syncing into your account immediately, but may take some time to finish depending on the expected volume.

Updating your existing email sync

If you have already synced your email and just want to update your current email sync settings, you can do so by going to Tools and apps > Email sync.

Here you will see the option to update your Email Sync settings:

  • All emails will be synced with Pipedrive
  • Only emails with certain labels will be synced with Pipedrive


When an update is made, it will be applied to any new email threads that are synced over to your Pipedrive inbox. This means that any existing email threads that have already synced over to your inbox will still remain in your inbox, unless you delete or archive them.

For example, let's say you previously had your Important label synced over to Pipedrive, but now want to un-sync that label. Once you update the sync, no new emails under that label will sync over anymore. However, emails in the folder that were previously synced to your Pipedrive inbox before the update will still remain and continue to be updated, since they were already synced over to your inbox.

If you are having issues with your email sync connection, follow our Email sync troubleshooting guide for some tips on how to troubleshoot the most common issues.

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