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Using Labels to filter synced emails
Choosing emails for your initial sync

How can I choose which emails I want to sync?

Jenny Takahara, April 3, 2024
Note: The email sync feature is available in the Advanced and higher plans. For more information about the email sync feature, check out this article.

Using Labels to filter synced emails

To adjust which emails are being synced, start by going to Settings > Email Sync. Once there, you can scroll down to the Labels section, to filter which emails are and are not going to be synced.

If you find that you receive a large volume of emails that are not related to your Pipedrive activity, we suggest only syncing specific labels into your Pipedrive account to keep your Pipedrive inbox clean:

If you receive primarily Pipedrive-related sales emails, it may be better to sync emails with any label, so that you can work effectively without having to switch between tabs in your browser:

Note: If you have not set up an email sync for your account, we have a detailed guide on how to do so here.

Choosing emails for your initial sync

Now let's say you are syncing your email for the first time. After going to Settings > Email Sync, you'll select Add new account and input your email address.

After that, your default setting will be Sync emails with any label, and your past sync date will be set to the current date.

Note: If you set a different date for your past sync, the existing Label setting will be applied to any new emails synced.
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