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How can I enable predefined lost reasons?

Breandan Flood, April 16, 2024
Note: This action is only available to deals admin users.

As a default, Pipedrive operates with freeform lost reasons. This means that each user is able to write down their specific understanding of why the deal in question had to be marked as lost.

If you’d prefer to set specific, predefined reasons for your users to select from instead, you can enable that within your account by going to Company settings > Lost reasons.

To enable predefined reasons:

  • Click on the “+ Lost reason” button
  • Type out the predefined lost reason you would like to add to your account
  • Click the “Save“ button

When saved, the predefined lost reason will appear below. Clicking on it will allow you to edit or delete it.

You’ll also be presented with an option to allow for freeform lost reasons alongside your predefined options.

This way, your users could still provide freeform lost reasons in situations where the lost reason differs from the list of predefined lost reasons programmed by the admin user.

To use your predefined lost reasons, simply mark a deal in your Pipedrive account as lost.

In the “Mark as lost” prompt, you’ll see a dropdown section under lost reason instead of the fillable text form. Click the dropdown prompt to scroll through a list of your predefined lost reasons and select one.

After selecting your predefined lost reason – and including any extra comments you may have – click the “Mark as lost” button.

Once done, that predefined lost reason will appear in the detail view of that now-lost deal.

These predefined lost reasons can also be tracked in the same way as the freeform lost reasons, through both the list view of the deals tab and the progress tab of your Pipedrive account.

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