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How can I import leads?

Breandan Flood, March 18, 2021
Note: All leads added to Pipedrive must be linked to a contact in Pipedrive.

Importing leads

Leads can be imported in bulk from a spreadsheet with our importing functionality. To import Leads from a spreadsheet, go to More > Import data > From a spreadsheet.


When you arrive at the mapping step, you can select the Leads fields icon in the top right corner of your Pipedrive data fields section.


You can map the Pipedrive Lead fields to your spreadsheet columns accordingly to import your Leads into Pipedrive.


Mandatory fields

In order to import Leads successfully through the importing function, you will need to include at least two fields— Lead Title and the Person - Name, or Organization - Name field.


  • Lead Title field
  • Person/Organization name

Once you have added these fields to your spreadsheet, a lead will be added to your Leads Inbox linked to the relevant contact.

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