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How can I import leads?

Breandan Flood, November 2, 2023
Note: All leads added to Pipedrive must be linked to a contact in Pipedrive.

To import leads from a spreadsheet, go to Leads inbox > ”...“ > Import leads.

Then select ”from a spreadsheet“ in the import menu.

After you ”upload file,“ move the lead title field from the fields list on the right, to your spreadsheet columns on the left.

You can select any of your lead/deal custom fields on the right, as well as the three default lead fields:

  • Lead title
  • Lead owner
  • Pipedrive system ID
Note: The Pipedrive system ID is needed if you're updating existing Pipedrive data using a spreadsheet. For more information about that process, check out this guide.

Mandatory fields

Importing leads requires two fields:

  • Lead title
  • Person name or Organization name
Note: If your import is successful, you can find the leads you’ve imported in your Leads Inbox.
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