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How does the Merge Duplicates feature identify duplicates in Pipedrive?

Jenny Takahara, November 2, 2023

The Merge Duplicates feature in Pipedrive identifies possible duplicate entries in your contacts in order to help reduce lost or mismanaged information in your account.

To make sure it can identify those duplicates effectively, the Merge Duplicates function uses the same rules as Pipedrive's import tool to figure out what items may be duplicates in your account.

For person contacts, Pipedrive will look to see if your contacts have the same name – like Tom Smith – and one of the following: the same phone number, the same email address, or are part of the same organization.
So if you have two Tom Smiths that are listed in Pipedrive as working for ABC Corporation, Pipedrive may flag that as a potential duplicate.

For organization contacts, Pipedrive will look to see if your organizations have the same name – like ABC Corporation – and also if they have the same address, as an organization can have multiple branches, offices, or franchises.
For example, two ABC Corporation contact listings in Pipedrive – one in California and one in London – should not be flagged as potential duplicates.

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