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Is the Prospector feature GDPR compliant?

Jenny Takahara, November 2, 2023

Our Prospector feature is designed to be used in full compliance with GDPR and other international data regulations.

We advocate respect for individuals' privacy in every step of the B2B sales and marketing process. Prospector fetches only the data that matches your chosen criteria, allowing you to operate within the legitimate interests that you have defined. The database Prospector connects to has been compiled lawfully, keeping data subjects informed and in control of their data.

How do we ensure GDPR compliance?

  1. We only collect relevant and necessary data that allows you to operate within your legitimate interests.

  2. We have conducted security and privacy assessments on service providers engaged in the processing of the data you've requested.

  3. We are committed to open and transparent communication in instances where we receive a data subject request, third party request, or perceive a threat to the security of our data.

To ensure you continue to comply with GDPR and other laws that apply to B2B prospecting, you should define the legitimate interests that justify your collection and use of this data, inform the data subjects accordingly and include an opt-out for and remove any prospects who no longer wish to be contacted.

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