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Editing lead labels
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Lead labels

Jenny Takahara, January 23, 2024

Your Leads Inbox can get cluttered with potential sales, so adding color-coded lead labels lets you visually categorize your leads as you are working through qualifying them.

Adding lead labels

Note: Lead labels can’t be imported.

To add a label to a lead, select a lead from your Leads Inbox and click ”+ Add labels“ in the details section.

Since your leads may not always fall just under one category, you can assign multiple labels at a time.

How can I create new labels?

To create a new lead label, go to the labels section in your details and click + Add new label.“

Choose a name and color for your lead, then click ”Save“ to confirm.

Note: To remove a label from a lead, click on a label that’s already been added.

Editing lead labels

You can edit existing labels by clicking the pencil icon next to one.

You can alter the name and color, or delete the label by clicking the trash can icon.

Click ”Save“ to confirm the changes.

Note: If you delete a label, it will be deleted for any leads that have this label applied.

Filtering by lead labels

On the top right corner of your leads page, click the labels dropdown to view your existing labels and select one or multiple labels to filter by.

When you filter for one label, you‘ll see leads that include that label even if the leads have additional labels.

You can reset the filter by clicking ”All labels.“

Bulk editing lead labels

You can add labels to multiple leads by selecting them in the Leads inbox to open the bulk editing menu.

You can select one or multiple labels to add, and click ”Update“ in the bottom right corner to confirm the changes.

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