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Steven Reinartz, November 2, 2023
Note: The minimum OS version required to install the mobile app is 9+ for Android devices and 15+ for iOS devices.

Pipedrive's mobile app gives salespeople the tools to nurture their leads on the go.

With Leads for mobile, you can create new leads, as well as see and edit all of your existing leads, no matter where you are.

Where to find it

To access the Leads Inbox in your mobile app, click the "..." in the bottom right corner, then select Leads Inbox.

Next, you will see a list of your existing leads. You will also see the filters option in the top right corner, a search bar to its left, and the "+" button at the bottom to create a new lead.

Note: Filters available in the mobile app reflect those available in the web app. You can filter by user, or using any of the existing shared or private filters you have access to. Permission and visibility restrictions apply.

Accessing and editing leads

Clicking on an existing lead will show more information, such as linked Activities (under the Timeline section,) and default and custom field values (under the Details section.)

Other options available from this screen include:

  • Archiving a lead (using the box icon)
  • Converting a lead to a deal
  • Sending an email to your lead's contact person (using the pencil icon)
  • Adding an activity or note (using the "+")
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