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Live Chat: troubleshooting desktop notifications

Breandan Flood, November 2, 2023

If you aren’t receiving desktop notifications as expected when using the Live Chat feature, here are some common causes and simple steps to fix it.

Pipedrive issues

Here are some common issues in Pipedrive that can impact desktop notifications.

You are set to online with a conversation open
You have the Pipedrive web app open and are working directly in a Live Chat window
No desktop notifications will appear for that specific conversation
You are set to offline
You are designated not to receive new messages from existing chats
No desktop notifications will appear for any conversation
You have desktop notifications off
You haven't gone into your notification settings and checked the box for desktop notifications
No desktop notifications will appear for any conversation

If you've changed your settings and notifications are still not appearing, refresh your page and allow several minutes for the updates to save.

Browser settings

Here are some of the most common browser issues that can impact desktop notifications.

Browser not running
For most browsers, the browser application needs to run for a notification to appear.
Close and reopen the browser window, check developer tools for errors
The browser does not support notifications
Some browsers may not support notifications.
We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox, since both support desktop notifications
Notifications are disabled in the browser
For some browsers to show desktop notifications, they must be enabled manually.
Check your browser settings to see if notifications need to be toggled on

Enabling desktop notifications

For Macs

Click the vertical “...” in the top right corner of your Chrome window, then go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Site settings > Notifications.

There you’ll see a few settings:

  • Default behavior – You can choose the default behavior for notifications in your browser. Select "Sites can ask to send notifications" if you want all web pages in Chrome to have this option.
  • Not allowed to send notifications – Click “Add" to designate URLs that can’t send desktop notifications
  • Allowed to send notifications – Click “Add" to designate URLs that can send desktop notifications

For Windows

Go to Settings > System > Notifications & actions and toggle “Get notifications from apps and other senders on.

Once that's on, you can scroll down and toggle specific web pages “on,” including Google Chrome.

Do not disturb

Most systems have a “Do not disturb” setting to prevent you from receiving desktop notifications when enabled.

For Macs

Go to System settings > Focus > Do Not Disturb.

If you’ve set up a schedule and it’s toggled “on,” you won’t receive notifications during that set time, unless a specific person or app has been specified.

For Windows

Go to Settings > System > Focus assist.

Under Automatic rules, you can check which circumstances are set for do not disturb, including certain time frames or apps being active.

Reset your notifications

If you did not find the solution to your notifications issue above, you should reset your notifications.

First, go to your Chrome notification settings, click “Add” under Not allowed to send notifications and paste your Pipedrive URL ([yourdomain]

After that, refresh your Pipedrive window, return to your notification settings and remove your domain from the blocked list.
Note: If the issues persist, please contact our support team.
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