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Installing Pipedrive in Entra ID
Setting up SSO

Using Pipedrive single sign-on with Microsoft Entra ID

Breandan Flood, January 23, 2024
Note: This can only be set up by an admin user in both Microsoft Entra ID and Pipedrive.

Pipedrive’s single sign-on (SSO) feature integrates with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) to ensure that your team can access Pipedrive easily using your identity provider.

Installing Pipedrive in Entra ID

Note: For an in-depth guide to integrating Entra ID and Pipedrive, check out this support page.

Start by going to your Entra ID account in Microsoft and selecting Identity > Enterprise applications > + New application.

From there, use the search bar to find Pipedrive and choose that option.

Then click ”Create“ to add it to your enterprise applications.

Note: You can also rename your app connection during this step under Name.

Setting up SSO

Note: You can also find your SSO options by going to your enterprise applications and selecting Pipedrive.

After you add Pipedrive as an app, you’ll be redirected to a window with the details about your new connection.

From here, click ”Single sign-on" and then select ”SAML“ from the available options.

From there you can edit your configuration as needed. Any required fields will be marked in red, and you can use the configuration guide to help with setting it up.

After you’ve configured your SAML, click ”Test“ at the bottom of the screen to confirm your connection.

If the connection works, you’ll be redirected to your Pipedrive account login screen where you can connect the account.

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