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Jenny Takahara, June 13, 2022

Quite often, one organization is related to another – it can be the parent of several child companies, the partner of another company, or quite frankly any number of different relationships.

It can be useful, especially from a sales point of view to be aware of these relationships as you're navigating your way through your CRM. In the detail view of an organization in Pipedrive, you can easily document these relationships.

To create a relationship between two organizations in Pipedrive:

  • Go to the detail view of any organization you wish to associate with another Organization in your Pipedrive database.
  • Click "View details" or the "+" symbol to expand the related organizations' panel.
  • Search for the organization you wish to associate and select it.
  • Select the type of relationship – Parent/Daughter/Related – and click "Add".


Relationships between organizations cannot be edited once established.
To delete a relationship, simply click on "View details" and on the trash can icon next to the established relationship to remove it.

You may still be wondering what the difference between these various relationships may be.
To illustrate that, we've simplified the descriptions here:

  • Related: associates two organizations together, but gives neither organization hierarchy over the other
  • Parent: notes one organization as being of a higher hierarchy than another organization, such as a corporate office would hold over franchise offices
  • Daughter: notes one organization as being of a lower hierarchy than another organization, such as franchise offices would have under a corporate office

Note: When making one organization the parent of more than one organization, this creates a "sister" relationship between all daughter organizations.
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