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Request a signature
Signing the document
Check the signing status of your document
How many signatures can I request?

Smart Docs: eSignatures

Jenny Takahara, April 20, 2022
Note: The Smart Docs add-on is included on the Professional and Enterprise plans and is available on the Essential and Advanced plans. Only users with Account Settings access are able to purchase the add-on for the company account. The add-on comes with a 14-day free trial with five signatures during the trial period (Billing details required). Learn more about the Terms and Conditions of this add-on in this page.

The Smart Docs feature also comes with an eSignatures functionality, so you can request document signatures from your customers without needing any extra tools.

Note: Pipedrive's eSignatures feature offers a Basic Digital Signing. Learn more about this type of signature in this article.

Request a signature

To request a signature, you first have to create or upload a document with the Smart Docs feature in the deal or contact detail page. You can learn how to set up a document in this article.

You can request for a signature in two locations:

  • In the document editor—

  • In the detail view—
Note: Requesting a signature will create another version of the document.

Once you click on Request signatures, you will be prompted to review your document and manage your signers. The user requesting the signature (you) and the linked contact person will automatically be added as signers, but you can delete or add to this list. You can add up to 10 signers per document.

You can change the language of the invitation under Invite Language.


Once you click Request signatures, the document with instructions will be sent to all signers. You will receive an email notification every time someone signs or declines to sign.

Signing the document

When a signer opens the document sign request in their email, they will be able to review the document. There will be prompt to sign the document, decline to sign, and download document as a PDF in the top right corner.

Note: If the signer agrees to store cookies, you will be able to see when and how many times the document is opened.

In the Sign the document prompt, The signer will need to check the box confirming they have reviewed the document and have legal right to sign, and type their name before continuing. An authentication code will be sent to the signer's email to validate their identity.

Note: The only way a signer can sign the document is to type their name. There is no way to upload or handwrite a signature at the moment.

When the document has been signed by everyone, a PDF of the signed document and audit trail will be automatically emailed to all signers and the user who had requested the signatures.


Check the signing status of your document

The document on the detail page of your deal or contact will show the signing status of your document.


If you click on the signing status you will see information on each signer, document views, and signed status.

  • Declined— the signer has declined signing the document. You can resend the signature request by clicking on Re-send invite.
  • Awaiting— the signature request is still pending. you can send them a reminder email to resend the invite.
  • Signed— the signer has already signed

There are also a number of actions you can take at the signature detail window:

  • Re-send invite— if the user declines the signature request, you can re-send it to them
  • Send reminder— if you click on send reminder, the signer will receive the signature request via email again.
  • Send signed PDF— once everyone has signed the document, you will be able to send a signed PDF to individual users.
  • Cancel signing— cancel the signing process for everyone. A cancellation email will be sent to all signers.
Note: Only one version of a document can be In Signing at one time. If you want to sign an additional version of the document, you will first have to cancel the version in progress. If you already have a signed version of the document, you cannot start to sign an additional version of the document. You will have to create a new document.

When a document has been signed by everyone, you can click on the version to see and download the signed document in the deal or contact detail view.


How many signatures can I request?

Depending on the plan you're on, the number of signatures may vary.

  • Professional and Enterprise: These plans have unlimited signature requests available.
  • Essential and Advanced (Add-on): Company accounts in these plans with the add-on enabled have the option to purchase two tiers of signature requests:
    • 30 signatures requests per month.
    • 100 signature requests per month.
      - If you are on an annual plan, your company account will have a monthly allowance of 30 or 100 signatures, depending on the chosen tier. The signatures that are not used will not be carried over into the next month.
  • Essential and Advanced (Add-on trial): Company accounts in these plans that are in the add-on trial can request up to 5 signatures.
Note: Only users with Billing access can purchase the add-on and the pack of signatures. The signature requests are per company account per month.
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