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Breandan Flood, June 4, 2024
Note: The Smart Bcc function is available with all Pipedrive plans, and can be used when emailing multiple recipients. However, the group emailing feature doesn’t include an option for BCC'd recipients.

To streamline your email process, we suggest upgrading to Pipedrive’s Advanced, Professional, Power or Enterprise plan.

For more information about how Pipedrive mail works alongside your other information, check out this article.

How does it work?

Note: When using our Smart Bcc feature, the total message size, including attachments, must be under 20MB.

With our Smart Bcc function, you can manually forward individual email threads from your email provider into your Pipedrive inbox. Then, you can link the thread to any relevant deals, leads, projects or people contacts in your Pipedrive account.

To use your Smart Bcc, go to Settings > Email sync > Smart Bcc and click copy“ next to your address.

Note: Selecting change“ routes you to Company settings > General, where you can change your company domain. Since your Bcc address is based on your company domain, changing it will change your Bcc address as well.

Once copied, you can paste the link into the Bcc section of any email sent or forwarded from your email provider.

A copy of the Bcc’d email appears in the inbox under the Mail tab of your Pipedrive account after the email is sent out.

Any replies received from your customers will need to be forwarded to that same universal Bcc address in order to appear in your Pipedrive inbox.

Note: Make sure to include the Pipedrive Smart Bcc address in the Bcc field of your emails to prevent any confusion with your potential customers.

Linking items

Note: If there’s no Pipedrive contact associated with the email address used to forwarded an email, a new person contact will be created automatically for that email address.

Linking emails to deals and contacts gives you a clear picture of the ongoing conversations from the detail view of the person and the deal.

If the address used to forward an email is linked to a contact person in Pipedrive, the email being forwarded will be linked to that contact person.

You can also manually create a new lead, deal, project or contact person for an email, or link it to an existing one.

To do this, open up the email in your inbox and choose to find an existing item or create a new one in the window on the right side.

What if you want your emails linked to items automatically?

Note: An email will only be linked to a deal if it‘s that contact person‘s only open deal.

The Link emails to Pipedrive items option automatically links a forwarded email to leads, deals and projects connected to that email address.

To set up automatic linking to items in your Pipedrive account, go to Personal preferences > Email sync > General settings and toggle the setting on.

Note: If you have multiple open deals with the same email recipient in Pipedrive, choose “Manually” to select which deal you want to link.

Alternate email addresses for Smart Bcc

Note: Your account email address will appear as the main address among those listed.

You can use the Smart Bcc link to forward emails to your Pipedrive account with addresses other than your account email.

To add an alternate email address, go to Personal preferences > Email sync > Smart Bcc emails are accepted from.

Enter your preferred email address into the bar and click “add.”

Validating the alternative email address
After you add an alternate email address, a confirmation email is sent to that address which must be verified before the new address can be used.

Once validated, emails forwarded to the company-specific universal Bcc from that email address will show up in the Pipedrive inbox of the Pipedrive user who added that email address as an alternative email address.

Note: If you change the domain of your Pipedrive company account or the domain of your email address, it must be accurately reflected in your Pipedrive Smart Bcc settings.

Email sharing

When forwarding emails to your Pipedrive account, you may want your teammates or other users in your Pipedrive account to have the ability to see the emails too.

Sharing individual emails

To allow other users to see a public email conversation, set any individual emails to “Share within your company” in your inbox.

Sharing emails as a rule

You can also change the default shared settings of your emails.

Go to Personal preferences > Email sync > Default email sharing and select “Shared.”

Note: Altering this function only applies to emails received after the setting has been updated.

Deal and lead specific Bcc

Note: It's not recommended to forward the same email to multiple deal-specific Bcc addresses at once.

Each lead and deal in your company Pipedrive account has its own unique Bcc address, and you can forward an email into your account and link it to a specific one by pasting the lead or deal-specific bcc address into the Bcc field of an email.

You can find the deal specific address in the detail view of any deal, in the Smart Bcc side panel.

You can find the lead specific address in the bottom left corner of any lead's contextual view.

Note: If you delete a linked email from the Mail tab of your Pipedrive, it will no longer appear in the detail view of that associated deal.
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