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Web Forms

Breandan Flood, September 23, 2022
Note: The Web Forms feature is part of the LeadBooster add-on. Web Forms can only be set up by the account admin user.

Pipedrive Web Forms allow you to create your own personalized, embeddable forms for your website to collect your website visitors' information and funnel them into Pipedrive as deals or leads.

Creating a Web Form

To begin creating a Web Form, go to the Leads section of your account and select "Web Forms". Select "Try Web Forms" to begin using the feature.


Click "New Web Form" to begin. The first options you will need to choose are Theme, Style and Template. For the Theme, you will choose the primary and background colors, as well as whether your form will be light or dark.


Next, you will select the form Style, choosing your options for the Font, Field style and Web Form language.


The last step is to select a Template. You have four options for your form Template:

  • Contact us – Allow your website visitors to get in touch with you.
  • Registration – Collect information for registering people to your site, service, product, or program.
  • Download material – Give access to files after submission.
  • Blank – Start by just asking for an email address and build on top of that.

After choosing your template, select Create Web Form.


Editing a Web Form

The Form editor is where you will structure your web form. You can add blocks to your form to define what information you would like to collect. The Introduction block is mandatory in your form. To edit a block, click on the pencil icon to expand the block.


To add a new block, hover over the form editor and click the plus sign (+) where you would like the next block to be in the form.


There are two block types you can have, an Input field or Message.

The Input field allows you to collect information from your website visitors such as their name, phone number, email address, or a variety of custom fields from your account. You also have the option to decide if the block should be required in the form. Currently, these custom field types are supported in our web forms:

  • Text
  • Large text
  • Single option
  • Multiple option
  • Date
  • Address
  • Monetary
  • Numerical
  • Phone


The other block type is the Message type block. Here, you can add text throughout the form for your website visitors to read.


The last block in your form is the Submit button, which is also mandatory. The Submit button block allows you to choose the text on the button, as well as choose whether or not the form is spam-protected. By enabling Spam protection, the latest version of reCAPTCHA will be used for seamless protection against spam. For more information on reCAPTCHA, you can check out their website.


Submit options

Success page

The first part of the Submit options section allows you to choose what should happen after a visitor submits your form. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will be able to see a preview of the success page. You have two options:

  • Show thank you message
  • Redirect to another website


Saving preferences

You will then be able to choose your Saving preferences. Here, you can select whether the form submitted should be added to your Pipedrive account as a deal or a lead. You also have the option to add a deal or lead title prefix, which allows you to quickly identify that this deal or lead was created through the web form.


You can also select the owner of the new deal or lead and choose whether or not the owner should receive an email notification with each web form submission.

Customizing form style

In the Style section, you can finalize the color, theme, style and theme of your web form.


Below the form style, you will see Advanced options for your web form. Click on the arrow to expand the box to view the advanced options. Here you can edit the:

  • Text and field size
  • Layout
  • Language
  • Footer appearance

Note: By editing the footer appearance, you have the ability to remove Pipedrive branding from your web form.

Share and embed

Once you have created your web form it is ready to be shared with your website visitors. There are two ways for you to share your web form. You can either share a direct link with your potential clients or embed the form on your website. Under the Share and embed tab, you have both of these options.

Previewing your Web Form

In the PREVIEW window on the right-hand side of the page, you can switch to view how the form will appear, whether it is embedded on your website or as a standalone option (direct link).


Sharing or embedding your Web Form

Under Share via link, you can select the option to "Copy to clipboard". Then, you can paste the link where you would like your potential clients to click on it or send it to them directly.


If you would like to have the form visible on your website, you can learn how to do this in the Embed the form on your website section. Here, there are general instructions on embedding our web forms, as well as specific instructions if you use WordPress or Squarespace. Click on any of the options to expand the instructions.


Consent fields for Web Forms

Although Pipedrive does not have a default consent field for your Web Forms, we do have a workaround that allows you to create a checkbox where your contacts can mark their consent.

First, you can create a single option field in your Pipedrive account, with Yes or No as your two options. Once you have added this to your account, you can then add it to your web form, and mark it as Required.


For more information on how to create custom fields, you can read this article. If you would like to read more about Pipedrive and GDPR, click here.

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