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Web Forms: performance and status

Yssel Salas, May 29, 2024
Note: This page is only available to admin users with the Web forms paid add-on.

After you share or embed your Web Form, you will be able to monitor its performance and status.

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web form performance
  • Viewed – The number of times your web form has been viewed
  • Interacted – The number of times a viewer interacted with your web form. Interacting, in this case, counts as when something was typed into the form field but not submitted.
  • Submitted – the number of submissions completed
  • Conversion – The percentage of views that resulted in a submission
  • Status– Active or inactive. if you deactivate your web form, it will show up under "Inactive Web Forms" and show up as a broken link for viewers.

If you click on the "..." button next to each web form, you can edit, share and embed, deactivate, duplicate and delete the web form.

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