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Jenny Takahara, March 9, 2021

Q: How does Web Visitors collect visitor data?

A: We identify visitors based on their IP address, using a reverse IP address lookup. Only identifiable organizations will show up on your visitor list. This means that visitors visiting from places such as their home wifi or with their mobile phone network data will not appear.

Q: Why do I see more visitors in my web analytics tool than in Web Visitors?

A: If you use Google Analytics or another web analytics tool for your website, you may see different numbers than shown in your Web Visitors page when viewing your visitors.

This is because the Web Visitors feature will filter out any ISPs (Internet Service Providers), web crawlers, and other irrelevant traffic so you only pay for quality organizations.

Q: Is the Web Visitors feature GDPR compliant?

A: Our Web Visitors feature is fully committed to GDPR compliance. The Web Visitors tracker collects data through Leadfeeder's AWS infrastructure, where it is encrypted both in transit and at rest. You can learn more about Web Visitors and GDPR in this article.

Q: How does Web Visitors pricing work?

A: Your Web Visitors pricing is determined by the number of unique organizations that visit your website per month. You can learn more about Web Visitors pricing in this article.

Q: Why do some of my views show as 00 minutes, 00 seconds?

A: Visit length is measured from opening the first page to opening the last page. If a visitor visits just one page, then there's no endpoint to measure, and the visit shows as 1 page, 0 seconds.

Q: Can I add my web visitors script to multiple websites?

You will be able to install the script on multiple websites. To distinguish visitors from different sites, you can create a filter with a Hostname (domain) condition.

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