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Activity Invites

Note: Activity invites are branded with the Pipedrive logo for companies with the Essential plan subscription. The Pipedrive logo is removed for companies with the AdvancedProfessional, or Enterprise plan subscription. To learn more about the useful features of Pipedrive's plans, click here.

Activity invites allow you to automatically keep your contacts updated on upcoming meetings and activities you have with them.

To send an activity invite, all you need to do is set up an activity like you normally would, then tick the 'Send invitation to attendees' box at the bottom. Pipedrive will then send them an email to tell them the date, time, and name of the activity:


The invite can also be translated into any language that Pipedrive supports, which you can select from the dropdown menu that will appear once the invite box is ticked.

It's pretty simple and straight forward, but there's a couple of things to keep in mind. Firstly, no invitation will be sent unless you tick the 'Send invitation to attendees' box. This includes if the event is edited in any way. Emails are only sent when this box is ticked and the 'Save' button is clicked at the bottom.

The only case where an email will be sent without the box being ticked is if an activity for which an invite email has been sent is deleted before the event was scheduled.

Secondly, the contact person must have an email attached to them in order for the email to send. If the person you're trying to email does not have a registered email address, they will appear with a yellow triangle next to their name in the activity creation dialogue (see below).

To add an email address, simply go to Contacts > People in the top menu bar and add an email address to an existing contact. Alternatively, to save time, you could also create the contact under the same menu and add the email address right away before creating the activity itself.


Lastly, any replies sent to activity invites will go to the email address of the assigned owner of the activity. If the owner also has their emails synced with Pipedrive through our Advanced or Professional Plans, any such replies will also appear in their Pipedrive inbox. 


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