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Syncing with Google Contacts

Note: This article refers to the Google Contact Sync, a previous feature in Pipedrive. For information on the more-recent Contact Sync feature, click here. To connect your external calendar with the recent Calendar Sync feature, simply disconnect and reconnect your current contact sync.

Pipedrive has the ability to import and sync your Google Contacts, creating a two-way sync which populates your Pipedrive account with People from your Google Contacts account. This means that if you update information in one account, that same information will be updated in the other account.

Before syncing your contacts with Google Contacts, you need to connect your Google account to your Pipedrive account.
If you do not, please follow the instructions here.

How to sync Pipedrive and Google Contacts

  • Go to Settings > Customize > Personal > Connections > Google Contacts.
  • Click the Enable Google contact sync button to sync your contacts with Google contacts.
  • In the 'Sync with following contacts group' area, select a contacts group from the dropdown list.
  • Click Save to sync your contacts with the selected Google contacts group. 


Note: The initial sync between Google Contacts and Pipedrive may take up to an hour to complete, depending on server queues. 

When adding new contacts to either Google or Pipedrive after you've already synced your accounts, the entry will be mirrored to the other system. You need not worry about updating both systems; they're in a loving relationship and get along well together. If you update one, the other will know. 

Note: When selecting a contacts group, the My Contacts group will import every Google Contact you have, including any family members or non-contacts in your Google account. We recommend creating a new Google contact group within Google to sync Pipedrive contacts.

What data is synced to my Contacts from Google?

Pipedrive will sync data from the following fields with Google Contacts.

  • Name
  • Company/Organization
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Instant messenger information
  • Address (limited to one address associated with the Person, but not the Organization) 

As shown in the comparison above, take note of the following details.

  • Any custom fields or notes in Pipedrive or Google will not be synced together.
  • If any email address synced within Pipedrive is linked with a Gravatar profile picture, this will also sync into the Detail View of the Person in Pipedrive.

Note: To maintain the security and integrity of your Google Contacts information, the Google Contacts sync will only bring over contacts that you are the owner of in Pipedrive. If you are not the owner of a contact, it will not be synced over into your Google Contacts account.


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