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Contact Labels

To save time in sales, it is great to have an easy reference as to what sort of customer or prospect you're speaking to in your deals.
Using Pipedrive's Contact Labels, you are able to categorize your contacts as needed for your company, and be able to know immediately how to approach them based on that information.

When adding a Person or Organization to Pipedrive through the Add person or Add organization button, you will see a dropdown for Label, to allow you to quickly categorize this new contact. 


Admin Users in your Pipedrive account can create new labels and edit existing labels, as well as apply those labels to the Person and Organization contacts in the Pipedrive account. All other users in the account are only permitted to apply those labels to those Person and Organization contacts.

To learn more about adding new labels to your Pipedrive account, click here.
To learn more about editing any existing labels in your Pipedrive account, click here

You may view a contact's label in the Detail View of that contact, next to the Name field of that contact.


You may also view a contact's label in the List View of your company Pipedrive account. To view the Label column, click the gear icon to the right side of the List View table, and select the 'Label' field to be displayed, and click Save.
That 'Label' column will then appear in the List View, and that column be moved, sorted, or filtered as needed.



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