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What happens when my Pipedrive invoice is marked as past-due?

When an invoice in Pipedrive has been marked as past-due — meaning that Pipedrive has not been able to collect payment on it using the provided billing information — it has certain effects on the Pipedrive account in question.

Since Pipedrive is a subscription-based service, access to Pipedrive is dependent on the timely payment of the company invoice.
However, we recognize that issues occasionally arise with banks or with sorting out new billing information, so there is a grace period of thirty days to allow you to sort out any issues before you need to worry about interruption of your Pipedrive service.

If issues cannot be sorted out in the timeframe, the Pipedrive service will be suspended. Don't worry, though — providing new valid billing information will restore access to your Pipedrive account and allow you to continue on with your business.

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