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How can I best replace users in my Pipedrive company account?

Note: This action is only available for Admin users.

If you want to replace an existing user with a new user, possibly because the old user moved teams or left the company, you can do this by directly replacing the current user’s seat information with the new user’s information.
To do this, go to Settings > Manage users > Users > Edit (of the existing user).


You can then change the name, email address, and permission/visibility group of this user to reflect the information of the new user.


Once this new information is saved, all of the data owned or followed by the old user will now be owned or followed by the new user. You can now ask your new user to follow this link to reset the password and gain access to the Pipedrive account.

Note: If the email associated with either the old or new user is already associated with another Pipedrive user account, you will not be able to replace the seat through this method. The additional user will need to be added as a new user, which you can learn how to do here


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