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How can I use the Workflow Automation to send Slack notifications?

Note: The Workflow Automation feature is one of the useful features of Pipedrive’s Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans. To learn how to switch plans, click here.

If your team uses Slack to stay updated, you can use the Workflow Automation feature to easily forward notifications to Slack according to actions in your company Pipedrive account. 

In order to set up a Slack workflow, you will first have to install and authorize the Slack app from the Marketplace. To install, you can go to Tools and apps > Slack > Authorize Slack account. To learn more about how Slack integrates with Pipedrive, you can look at our Marketplace page here

Custom Slack notifications

Once the app has been connected, head over to your Workflow automation page to get started.
To create a custom Slack workflow, you can create a custom workflow and select the Slack option when setting up your action. You can set up your trigger to occur when a Deal, Contact, or Activity is created, updated, or deleted.


From the action page, you will see the option to send a notification to a Slack Channel or as a Direct message. 


After you click on the Next Step button, you will be brought to a page to customize your notification.
For the Pretext and Attachment fields in your action, you will be able to select fields related to the trigger to include in your Slack notification. To select a field, type in an opening bracket and choose a field from the list provided. 



  • Information that appears before the Attachment block in your Slack notification.


  • Description or information related to the trigger event that occurred in your Pipedrive account. 


Once saved and activated, your new workflow should now automatically send notifications to your Slack account.



Slack notification templates 

To quickly get started, you can choose from two existing Slack workflow templates that will allow you to send deal-related information to your Slack channel or as a private message. 
To learn more about Workflow Automation templates, click here


After selecting a template, you will be prompted to specify the trigger you want for your workflow. 


Once set up, you can go to your Created by me tab to further customize your templated Slack workflow. 

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