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Lead Labels

Your Leads inbox may get cluttered quickly with potential sales, so adding color-coded Lead labels will allow you to visually categorize your leads as you are working through qualifying them. 



Assigning and creating lead labels

To assign a label to your lead, click on a lead to bring up its side panel and select a default or custom label from the Labels field. 


Since your leads may not always fall just under one category, you can easily assign more than one lead label to your leads. 


How can I add new labels? 

Pipedrive comes with three default lead labels: hot, cold, and warm, but you can always add new labels if you need custom ones. To add a new label, select a lead so the side panel appears and click on + Add new label under the Labels field. Here you can select a name and color for your new label before saving to apply your label to the lead. 


Filtering by lead labels 

On the top right corner of your leads page, you will see the option to filter your leads by label. 

When you filter for your leads, you can filter for just one label, or for leads with more than one label to get a more specific list to work with. 



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