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How can I update my Leads?

When using the leads inbox, you can easily update your lead information individually or in bulk. 

Updating Leads individually

To update lead information individually, click on the lead to bring up the lead panel. You can update lead details, contact details, add notes, and create and update activities directly from the panel. 


Within the leads panel, you also have the possibility to add, edit, or delete text, single option, multiple option, date, numerical, monetary, large text, and phone type custom fields.

Note: The following custom field types are read-only and can not be edited from the leads inbox; Autocomplete, Person, Organization, Address, Date range, Time, and Time range.

Updating Leads in bulk 

To bulk update your leads, click on the checkbox next to one or more lead. You will see a panel appear on the right hand side where you can update the lead title, labels, value, and owner

You will also see the options to archive or delete the selected leads in bulk in the upper left corner. 


Note: You can not bulk edit your custom fields. Only default lead fields can be edited in bulk.

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