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Jenny Takahara, May 21, 2024
Note: Use the calendar sync feature to sync activities from your calendar provider and the Scheduler feature to set up availabilities and book activities with clients.

Activities in Pipedrive represent any scheduled action on your part towards the closing of a deal: a phone call, lunch meeting, email – whatever it is, you can schedule it for your people contacts, organizations, leads, deals or projects so you always know what’s coming next.

Where to find it

You can find your activities by clicking the icon on the left-side navigation menu:

Note: Any other user, admin or regular, needs visibility of all an activity’s linked items to see the activity.

Adding activities

Note: You can set up an activity as a call, meeting, task, deadline, email, or lunch type by default, but you can also create custom activity types for activities specific to your company’s needs.

There are several places in Pipedrive where activities can be created.

  • In the pipeline view of the deals tab:
    Click on a deal’s activity icon in the pipeline view of the deals tab.

  • In the detail view of any deal, project, person or organization:
    Click on the activity tab to link an activity directly to that item.
  • In the lead view within the Leads Inbox:
    Select a lead from your Leads Inbox and click on the “Activity” tab at the top to create and link an activity to the lead.
  • In the calendar or list view of the activities tab:
    Click the “+ Activity” button in the calendar or list view of your activities tab.
  • In the contacts timeline of the contacts tab:
    Click “+” > Add activity on the right side of the screen when hovering over a contact’s timeline.
  • In the mobile app:
    Click the “+” in the top right of the activities section of your mobile app to add activities.
Note: If you want to learn how to add activities in bulk, check out this article.

Scheduling an activity

The Schedule an activity prompt presents your entire day’s agenda on the right, next to the necessary fields to schedule your next activity.

This helps you to schedule your activities efficiently, prevent double booking and reschedule your existing activities as needed.

In the Schedule an activity prompt, you can fill in the following activity details:

  • Title – Name of your activity
  • Type – Default or custom activity type
  • Time, date and duration – When and how long the activity is
  • Busy/Free – Activities are set to "Free" by default. If an activity is set to “Busy,” your customers can’t book that time slot through any Scheduler links.
  • Note – A description of your activity. This is private and only visible within your Pipedrive account.

A few other notable activity fields:

  • Last activity date – shows the date of the last activity that was marked as done
  • Next activity date shows the date of the next activity you scheduled that isn’t marked as done yet
  • Update time The date of the last update made on an item (a new activity created, a field updated, moving stages etc.)

To add guests, a location, or a description to your activity, expand the section under the time, date and duration section of the activity window.

  • Guests – The people you want to invite to the activity. This can be either your existing Pipedrive contacts or an external email address.
    • Invite guests – Adding email addresses or Pipedrive contact people to the guests’ section sends out email activity invitations to them.
  • Location – The address of your activity. Pipedrive automatically check if the location matches a geo-location on Google maps. In the activities list view, you can click on the location and see it on Google maps.
Description – Additional details about the activity that will be synced to your external calendar. Unlike the note added to your activity, the description is publicly visible to any guests added to the activity.

Linking deals and contacts

In the Schedule an activity window, you can enter the owner, as well as the deal, organization and person contact you want to link to the activity.

When an activity is linked to an item, it appears on the item’s detail page.

  • Linked deal – An activity linked to only a deal is automatically linked to the contact person and organization linked to that deal.
  • Linked person – An activity linked to a person contact is automatically linked to that person’s organization.
  • Linked organization – An activity linked to an organization isn’t automatically linked to its deals or people contacts, since there can be multiple deals and people contacts linked to each organization.

Completing activities

Here's a few things to know about completing activities:

  • You can mark them as done in the activities list or calendar view, as well as the detail pages of your linked items and the contacts timeline view.
  • An activity’s marked as done time field is updated when the activity is marked as done.
  • The due date field will always show the time and date the activity was originally scheduled for.
  • While you can manually edit the due date field of an activity – even retroactively – the marked as done field always reflects the time that activity was marked as done.

You can read more about activity marked as done logic in this article.

Note: If you’re just getting started with Pipedrive, check out our “Never forget a follow-up” Pipedrive Academy course.

Deleting activities

Activities can be deleted from both your calendar and list view.

To delete an activity from your list view, select one or multiple activities from the left side margin, then click the trash can icon:

To delete an activity from your calendar view, select the activity and click the trash can icon:

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