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Campaigns: alerts and tips

Yssel Salas, November 2, 2023

We've added a tips and alerts section in your Campaigns account to help you improve your email marketing practices.

Campaigns alerts

Our abuse prevention system triggers alerts when it detects suspicious events in your account. These suspicious events may affect the quality of our service and your reputation as an email marketing sender.

When the system triggers an alert, all Campaigns admins and users with email sending permissions will receive an email notification and see a banner within the Campaigns section with an option to open the alert.

Types of alerts

Depending on the scenario encountered, you will receive any of the following alert types:

Low engagement

The campaign's average open rate doesn't meet acceptable email rates, e.g., campaigns with an average open rate of under 10%.

Low engagement affects your email sending reputation (inbox) with top email service providers like Gmail, Microsoft and others.

High abuse/spam rate

The campaign's average abuse rate doesn't meet the average industry norms. E.g., campaigns with an abuse rate above 0.5%.

High abuse rates increase the number of blocked emails and affect your email sending reputation (inbox) in most email service providers.

High unsubscribe rate

The campaign's average unsubscribe rate doesn't meet acceptable email rates, e.g., campaigns with an unsubscribe rate above 1%.

High unsubscribe rates affect your email sending reputation (inbox) with most email service providers.

High bounce rate

The campaign's bounce rate doesn't meet acceptable email rates, e.g., campaigns with a bounce rate from 3%-9%.

The bounce rate threshold depends on which service provider the user is sending an email to, bounce reasons and bounce details. A high bounce rate affects further campaign engagement and could cause future emails to bounce.

The sender domain is blocklisted

The campaign domain appears in a domain blocklist service, e.g., the sender’s domain is blocklisted at

Email campaigns sent from blocklisted domains have a higher bounce rate and lower open rate.

Spam trap detected

Our abuse prevention system and services notify us when a spam trap is detected in a user subscriber list. E.g., when new contacts added contain typos or have been obtained from a public database or third-party vendor.

Campaigns sent to spam traps are not allowed since they can blocklist our service and your sender domain.

Campaigns tips

We’ll also give you tips and personalized recommendations to improve your email practices and continue using Campaigns successfully, such as:

  • How to build a good sender reputation

  • How to make sure our compliance team approves your account

Learn more about improving your results by following Campaigns alerts and tips in this blog entry.
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