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What is a sender?
Where can I add or edit the sender?
Can I add multiple senders to my Campaigns account?
Can I add a sender email from any domain?
Disposable emails
Free email service provider emails
Using your company domain as a sender

Campaigns: sender email FAQ

Jenny Takahara, November 2, 2023

What is a sender?

The sender is the From field required to send out an email campaign from your Pipedrive Campaigns account. Sender consists of sender name, sender email and reply-to email (optional).

Where can I add or edit the sender?

The sender name can be added directly from the Create campaign page and from the Campaigns/Settings page.

The sender details can be managed from the Settings page.

Can I add multiple senders to my Campaigns account?

Yes, you can have multiple sender emails for sending marketing campaigns.

Note: All sender emails are shared. This means that any sender email will be available to all users with full permission to send marketing campaigns.

Can I add a sender email from any domain?

To send out an email campaign from your Pipedrive Campaigns account, you need to have the sender email added.

Campaigns will not allow you to use a disposable or free email service provider email as a sender email. If you try to add either of the emails as a sender email, we will ask you to change it to your company domain.

All newly added sender emails must be verified by clicking on a link in a system-generated email. This means only existing email addresses the user has access to can be used to send out marketing campaigns.

Disposable emails

What are disposable emails?

Disposable emails are temporary email addresses that you can get as soon as you visit disposable email service providers' websites. These emails are free of use and you don't need to register for anything to get them.

Disposable emails usually are used as an alternative option to a person's real email address, so they can hide their identity and protect their mailbox from spam.

Why does our Campaigns feature restrict the use of disposable emails as sender emails?

Disposable domains usually don't have a direct relationship with an organization and its email subscribers. These domains can also be used by more than one organization for email send-outs.

These actions affect the sender reputation and lead inbox delivery into the spam folder. As we want your emails to be delivered in the email service provider inbox and connect your users with your business, we restrict usage of such domains as senders and advise you to use your organization domain instead.

Free email service provider emails

What are free email service provider emails?

A free email service provider is a service that offers email services for free. Some popular ones include, , and These email services are mainly used for private rather than business communications.

Why does our Campaigns feature restrict the use of free email service provider emails as sender emails?

Some of these providers – for example, or – don't like that their assigned email can be used outside their services. If you use or as your sender in Campaigns, your emails will be blocked since and Aol protect their domain with DMARC.

Another reason is email delivery reputation. For example, if you use as the sender, you are giving email delivery reputation on domain and not warming up your own domain name reputation and relationships with your subscribers.

Using your company domain as a sender

Why should you use your company domain name as a sender?

Using your company domain for email campaigns is a proven method that has worked for organizations over time. Here are some ways using your own company domain helps your email campaigns:

  1. You build trust with your subscribers when sending out emails from your company domain name.
  2. You are warming up your domain reputation when communicating with your customers from your domain email
  3. You show that you are in connection with your organization, so it helps our compliance department to approve your account for campaign send-outs.
  4. You will have the possibility to authenticate your domain so you can monitor its reputation in tools like
  5. Your sent campaigns will look less suspicious to anti-spam filters.
  6. When you use your company domain as sender and add additional emails for separate types of news – for example, for company news news@, info@ or newsletters@, for events events@, for your own customers Fname.Lname@ – you are improving your email campaign results.
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