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Can I use automation to send mass email campaigns?

Breandan Flood, November 2, 2023
Note: The Automations feature is only available on Advanced and higher plans.

The automations feature is an excellent tool for helping guide your deals and contacts through your internal processes, to make your usage of Pipedrive more efficient.

On a small scale – such as sending an email to a contact when their associated deal has moved into a specific stage in your pipeline – the automation feature can be effectively used to save time and allow your team to accomplish more.

However, the automation feature cannot be used as a mass email campaign tool – such as sending one email to thousands of your contacts simultaneously – as Pipedrive is still subject to the sending and receiving restrictions of the synced email account used for the automation.

For those functions, we may suggest that you utilize Pipedrive's group emailing feature or the Campaigns by Pipedrive add-on.

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