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Changing your email sender name

Yssel Salas, April 24, 2024
Note: The email sync feature is available on Pipedrive’s Advanced and higher plans.

Your email sender name is the name the recipient of your email will see in their inbox. If you use Pipedrive's email sync feature, you can change your email sender name from your account.

To change your email sender name in Pipedrive, go to your Email sync settings page by clicking Personal Preferences > Email sync, or click on the gear symbol from your draft email. You can then change your email sender's name.

Once you have added your email sender name, click "Save" and your recipients will see that name on the emails you send them.

Note: This feature is not available on Microsoft services as Microsoft servers don’t allow editing the sender name. You can use this feature on Gmail and any other IMAP service, as long as the server allows it.
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