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Email sync

Breandan Flood, April 24, 2024
Note: The email sync feature is one of the many useful features on Pipedrive’s Advanced and higher plans. Attend our webinar How Email Sync works in Pipedrive for a live demonstration and Q&A.

Pipedrive features two methods of managing email conversations with your customers: email sync and Smart Bcc.

Whichever method you use, Pipedrive calculates which contacts, leads and deals your email conversations belong to based on the email address of the recipient.

This means you can see all your email conversations from the detail view of both the person and the linked deal.

You also have a dedicated Pipedrive inbox, where you can see all of your emails, control the linking and sharing of those emails, and compose new ones by clicking the green pencil icon.

Note: If you use a keyboard for right-to-left languages – like Persian, Urdu, Hebrew and Arabic – Pipedrive will recognize this and format your typed content appropriately. Learn more in this article.

You can customize your newly composed emails to fit your needs, including text formatting, inline images and smart fields that can pull information from your Pipedrive deals and contacts.

Note: The file size limit per email will depend on your provider. i.e., The limit in Gmail is 25MB, while the limit in Outlook is 20MB.

For further customization, learn more about the email templates and email signature functions within the email sync feature.

Setting up your email sync

Note: If you’re just getting started with Pipedrive, check out our “Get started with the basicsPipedrive Academy course.

This feature syncs your email inbox to your Pipedrive account, allowing you to access your emails without leaving Pipedrive.

To enable the email sync feature, go to Personal preferences > Email sync and click the “Add new account” button.

Provide the login information for the email account you wish to sync to Pipedrive and you can start sending emails.

Note: If you change the login information for the email account you have synced to Pipedrive, you will need to re-authenticate those new email credentials in Pipedrive in order to continue using the email sync without interruption.

The email sync feature is compatible with all major email providers, including:

  • Gmail and Google Apps
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Office365/Microsoft365
  • Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync)
  • (a.k.a. Hotmail)
  • iCloud (a.k.a. MobileMe or DotMac)
  • AOL Mail
  • FastMail
  • GandiMail
  • GMX
  • Yandex.Mail
  • GoDaddy Mail
  • Namecheap
  • Bluehost
  • Soverin
  • Zimbra
  • 123-reg
  • 126
  • QQ Mail
  • Aliyun (Alibaba Group)
  • Netease 163 (China)
  • (China)
  • Any custom account syncing through generic IMAP via an SSL connection

All incoming and outgoing mail is synced to your Pipedrive account and is associated with the corresponding contacts and deals.

You can adjust the settings of your email functions by going to Personal preferences > Email sync. Learn more about setting up the email sync feature in this article.

Email labels

When establishing a sync to your native email provider, you can choose whether to sync over all emails in your inbox or only the emails that exist in specific folders or labels.

If you would like to sync all incoming emails, select “All emails will be synced with Pipedrive.”

To choose which folders or labels you want synced to your Pipedrive account, choose “Sync emails with specific labels” and select the labels you want to sync.

Archiving and tracking

You can choose whether to have emails archived or deleted in your synced email account when they’re archived or deleted in Pipedrive.

You can also access Pipedrive’s email tracking functions, which allow users to see when the recipient has opened your sent email or any of its included links.

Learn more about our email tracking feature in this article.

Email links

You can also choose which email application you would like to use to compose new email messages.

  • Open email links in Pipedrive” will take you to the Mail tab of your Pipedrive account to compose an email after clicking email address links in Pipedrive
  • Use the default email app on my computer to open email links” will open your default email client (like Gmail) to send an email after clicking address links

Blocked addresses

Note: Emails from blocked addresses will only be screened if the blocked address is the only sender. If a non-blocked email address is CC’d or included as a recipient, the email will not be screened even if a blocked address is included.

If the email address you’ve synced receives emails you don’t want in Pipedrive, you can register a specific email address ([email protected]) or a broad domain ( as emails that should be ignored in Pipedrive.

Any address or domain that is ignored won’t appear in the Mail tab of your Pipedrive account.

Alternative email address for Smart Bcc

By default in Pipedrive, only the email address used to log in to Pipedrive will be authorized to use the Smart Bcc address associated with your account. However, if you send your emails from an email other than the one used to log in to Pipedrive, you can add that email address as an alternative email address.

Adding an email to the accepted from list sends a confirmation email to the added email address, which will need to be validated before that address can be used.

Email sharing

Note: Altering this function won't overwrite the current email sharing settings of your existing emails and will only apply to emails received after the setting has been updated.

This setting configures the default sharing of all future emails in Pipedrive.

  • Keep all my email conversations private – Emails won't be visible to any other users in the account – even admin users – under any circumstances.
  • Share all my linked email conversations with others in my company – Other users in your Pipedrive account can see emails associated with any contacts or deals they can access.
Note: To share specific emails with other users in your company Pipedrive account, adjust the visibility settings for individual emails.

Automatic linking feature

Pipedrive will automatically associate emails with the appropriate person contact by recognizing the email address associated with that received email.

Selecting Automatically will also allow Pipedrive to associate that email with an open deal linked to the email’s recipient if an open deal exists in your Pipedrive account.

If you have a lot of open deals with the same email recipient in Pipedrive, it may be more efficient to choose Manually to prevent any confusion.

It is also possible for you to link projects or leads from your Leads Inbox to your emails using Pipedrive's email sync. Learn more about emailing your leads in this article.

Note: If you delete a linked email from the Mail tab of your Pipedrive, it will no longer appear in the detail view of that associated deal.

If you’re having issues with your email sync connection, follow our email sync troubleshooting guide for some tips on how to troubleshoot the most common issues.

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