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Composing emails from Leads Inbox
Linking emails to your leads

Emails in leads

Breandan Flood, June 13, 2022

Pipedrive features two methods of managing your email conversations with your customers: email sync and Smart Bcc, both of which can be used to contact your leads from Pipedrive's Leads Inbox.

Composing emails from Leads Inbox

Once you click on a lead, you will then have the option to compose an email. In the lead detail view click "Email" and you can start writing your email.

Leads Email 1

You can view your previous emails from the leads detail view.

Leads email 2

Linking emails to your leads

You can also link your existing emails to your existing leads. From your email composer, you can search for a lead to link your email by clicking on "Link to existing" on the right-hand side of the page.

If you would like your emails to link to deals automatically, you can do this by going to Personal preferences > Email sync.

Leads email 4

If you use Pipedrive's Smart Bcc feature, this also works with leads. You can read more about Smart Bcc in this article.

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