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Jenny Takahara, March 31, 2023
Note: Chatbot is part of our Leadbooster add-on package. For more information, click here.

When trying to optimize your business, you may notice that acquiring and qualifying your leads takes up a huge amount of time in the initial stages of your sales process. You can practically guarantee that there are many people that you cannot find the time to talk to, because you are trying to talk to other leads and discern how interested they are.

Sometimes, it is just better to give your customers the easiest path to let you know what they are interested in. For that, Pipedrive has created the chatbot system to allow your customers to better qualify themselves as potential customers of your company.

When a customer has qualified themselves, they create a lead, deal, contact, or activity in your company Pipedrive account based on the responses they have provided to your questions. If a visitor selects certain options or does not provide that information, then they can disqualify themselves and will not create any unnecessary information.

Note: This action is only available to admin users.

To begin building and designing your Chatbot's behavior, go to the Chatbot tab in your account and click the "New playbook" button.


In the first step, you will need to choose from our list of color templates or create a custom style of your own.

Once you have made the appropriate selections for the design of your playbook, click the "Continue" button to proceed to the next step.


In this step, you may choose a name, associated picture, and the presented language of your Pipedrive Chatbot playbook. To learn more about customizing the design of your playbook, click here.

Once selected, click the "Continue" button to proceed to the next step.


In this third step, you can choose from a defined playbook template to give yourself a good starting point for designing your Chatbot's behavior.

  • Get more leads – For a playbook designed to fill your company Pipedrive account with sales leads or deals, begin with this template.
  • Book more meetings – For a playbook designed to schedule specific activities with people interested in your company, begin with this template.
  • Qualify and route leads – For a playbook designed to let visitors qualify themselves as interested and have them be assigned to a specific user in your Pipedrive account, begin with this template.
  • Chat with your leads – Engage with your website visitors directly through live chatting.

Once you have selected a template to use when creating your playbook, click the "Create playbook" button to finalize your selections.

Note: If you are unsure what you wish to do with your playbook, we suggest starting with a simple template and building onto and customizing it to your company's needs.

Upon creating your playbook, you will be shown the playbook behavior details from the specific chosen template and are free to edit the questions, responses and actions of your playbook until they match your intended design.

Once you are happy with your choices, click the "Save" button to confirm that information. Once that information has been saved, it will appear in the list of Chatbot playbooks.

Note: In order for your website visitors to view and interact with your Chatbot playbook, it will need to be embedded on a website. To learn more about embedding your playbooks, click here.

To monitor the effectiveness of each of your playbooks, you can view how many visitors have seen and clicked on each playbook, as well as how many visitors have been qualified or disqualified while going through your programmed responses.


By clicking on the "..." option next to each playbook, you will be presented with several options for how you wish to interact with that playbook.

  • Edit If you wish to edit the behavior of your playbook, choose this option. If you wish to learn more about designing behavior of the Chatbot playbooks, click here.
  • Embed If you wish to see the embedding information for your playbook, choose this option. If you wish to learn more about embedding your playbooks on your website, click here.
  • Deactivate If you wish to deactivate a playbook so that your customers cannot see it, choose this option.
  • Duplicate If you wish to duplicate the design and behavior of this playbook, choose this option.
  • Delete If you wish to remove a playbook from your company Pipedrive account, choose this option.

With the appropriate playbooks in place, your Pipedrive account will become filled with all of the interested customers to make your business a success!

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