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Opening the contextual view
Using the contextual view

Contextual view: activities

Breandan Flood, June 13, 2022

Pipedrive's contextual view allows you to zoom in and out of your activity sales data without losing focus of your current task when switching between your list views and detail views. From your activities list view, you can view the activity's linked deal, contact person, or organization data.

Opening the contextual view

To open the contextual view, go to your activities list view and click on any activity's linked deals, organizations, or people, to quickly view the detail views of your linked items.


Using the contextual view

Once you have opened the contextual view, you can easily change to view your activity, deal, contact person and organization details by selecting the tabs at the top of the page.


You can also change to view details from other activities, either by selecting another activity from the list view or by clicking on the arrows to the left of the contextual view. Clicking on the arrows will let you move up or down the list.


It is also possible to use keyboard shortcuts in the contextual view. Hovering over the arrows or X button will show you the option to use your keyboard shortcuts. To move up or down the list, you can click "K" or "J", or to close the contextual view click "Esc".

Opening the detail view

When you are in the contextual view, you can hover over any of the tabs and click the arrow to open the detail view.


If you would like to go to the detail view from the list view, you can click on the arrow beside the item you would like to view to open the detail view.

Note: All of the details available in the detail view are available in the contextual view.

Toggling contextual view in your list

You can toggle between seeing an activity's contextual view and detail view by clicking on the contextual view button in the top-right corner.

contextual view toggle
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