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Custom fields: formula fields

Steven Reinartz, May 10, 2024
Note: This feature is only available on Professional and higher plans. Formulas fields are made with lead/deal custom fields, but they can only be used in deals. Calculations are not available for leads, even if the field has a formula.

Formula fields are an effective way to cut down time spent making calculations manually. Here’s how you can use them with Pipedrive.

Where to find formula fields

Note: Company accounts are limited to ten formula fields each.

Go to Settings > Data fields > Add custom field to create a new field.

Formulas can be applied to two field types: numerical and monetary. Toggle on “Apply formula to deals” to add a formula when creating new fields.

Here are the inputs available for formula fields and how to use them:

Define the field used as a variable in the formula.
#Deal value*10
+ , -
Add or subtract values
#Deal total activities #Deal completed activities
* , /
Multiply or divide values
#Deal value/100
( )
Left and right brackets are used to group values and operators
(#Deal value/100) #Deal weighted value
Allows calculation using a percentage of a chosen field
#Deal value 10% (will subtract 10% of the deal’s value)
Note: All formulas must contain a “#” followed by an input field (ex. Deal value.) Otherwise, the formula will be invalid.

How it works

After a formula is created, you’ll choose whether to apply the formula to new deals or new and open deals.

Note: Formulas will only run if the selected input field has a value (e.g. if a deal is not assigned a probability, a formula using this field will return a null value with the message not calculated.)

In the above example, the formula is deal value divided by 100. When applied to a deal, it looks like this:

The number on top is the deal value, 1000. The number below is the deal value divided by 100, shown in the custom formula field.

Adding a formula to existing deals

If you apply a formula to new and open deals, you’ll see this window pop up:

Click Confirm, and the window in the bottom left of your screen will confirm when the calculations are complete.

Select View details to see a summary of the changes that were made.


Deals with formula fields can be re-calculated by hovering over a value, either in a list view column or detail view sidebar, and clicking the refresh button.

This can also be done using the bulk-edit tool. Select the items to re-calculate from your list view, then find the field on the right margin and select “Force recalculate,” or use “Recalculate if input is changed” to limit edits to fields where changes have been detected.

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