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Deal labels

Breandan Flood, June 20, 2022

Pipedrive's deal labels feature will allow your team to add color-coded labels to each deal to help you organize your data and speed up your sales process. This will give you a better visual representation of your deals while viewing them in the pipeline, detail and list views.
If you would like to segment your contacts rather than your deals, we also have contact labels.

Assigning and creating deal labels

When adding a deal, you can assign a label to your deal by clicking on the dropdown menu and selecting one of your existing labels.


You can assign deal labels directly from the list view after making the labels column visible, or from the detail view by clicking on the label option beside the deal title.


How can I add new deal labels?

Note: This action is only available to admin users.

You can add new labels from the detail view. Beside the deal title at the top of the page, click on the label to display the dropdown menu where you can edit your labels. Select "+ Add label" to create a new label.


To add a new label from your deals list view, click on the pencil icon of your deal labels and select "+ add label".


Editing or deleting deal labels

Editing your deal labels can be done from your list view by clicking on the pencil icon in the list view after hovering over the label you would like to edit. You may also delete this selected label by clicking the trash can icon.


It is also possible to edit your labels by clicking on the pencil icons in the detail view.


Viewing deal labels

You can view your deal labels in list view under the label column. To make the labels column visible, click on the gear icon, select the "Label" field to be displayed, and click "Save".


In the deal detail View, you can view the assigned label at the top of the page beside the deal title.


Once you have assigned a label to a deal, you will see the corresponding label color on your deal tile in the pipeline view.

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